Healing Crystal Jewelry for Men

The power of healing crystals has a history of being underestimated and undervalued. For centuries, crystals were used in a range of activities. From doing events for the dead and the treating of the sick, to the improvement of the living and their health and wellness. In every century, in every period, the human race discover more and more of the miraculous powers of crystals. Read on to learn more.

There are many well-known advantages for men who wear healing crystals. A few examples are enhancements of the libido, enhancement of tissues and inner body organs(i.e. brain, liver as well as testicles). Naturally, it has been used in numerous forms of power treatment. It has been known to help myriad of diseases from drug & alcohol dependency to nymphomania and erectile dysfunction.

A crystal store or shop would certainly be able to give you a relatively ample response when you ask exactly what type of crystals would be appropriate for your one-of-a-kind requirements as a person. Keep in mind, crystals are for the heart as much as the body, and also due to this, you have to be very cautious in selecting just what kind of crystal to use, otherwise you could not obtain optimal benefits.

An amethyst bracelet would certainly work if you have actually had or are still having psychological problems. The purple crystal has been understood to be the mommy of all recovery crystals, and also supplies its wearers with a consistent stream of favorable energy that penetrates deep into the body and also the mind, confirming a terrific intermittent process of recovery.

A garnet necklace on the other hand may be made use of by men who’ve had sex-related problems in the past. As an example, impotence and also a basic lack of sex drive could be addressed with using a garnet necklace.

healing jewelry for men
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A jade necklace would certainly be perfect for those who desire the adverse energies to leave their lives. Jade has been understood likewise to lengthen life and to earn the life of the wearer or the one that has actually consumed the crystal more significant and also fruitful as well as most definitely much more lucky.

An increased quartz geode could provide the person wearing it the required push in the right direction- if the individual desires to have more stable partnerships that is. Rose quartz has a fondness for the Heart.

A great smoky quartz round is among the best choices you have if you want to dispel adverse sensations from your subconscious. Dangerous feelings are never great- why not attempt using one and see just how it works out?

A diamond not only looks great however gives the wearer power- since the diamond has been understood to be a power rock and also protector rock. The diamond is a prescribed rock for businessmen, lawyers as well as normally effective men who could pay for to buy it, since it would certainly boost better their positive self-image and also their overview in life. Diamonds have likewise been recognized to prolong the life of those that wear it near the heart.

A moonstone point would certainly be a fantastic selection for individuals who want to earn equilibrium their maleness and femaleness both in the physical world as well as in the spiritual world.

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Ten Popular Healing Crystals

Amethyst | Garnet | Jade | Rose Quartz | Smokey Quartz | Diamond | Hematite | Lapis Lazuli | Malachite | Moonstone 



An “Expert Healing Crystal”. Additionally called “the Royal Stone”. Amethyst’s most noted mending quality is its capacity to purge and transmute all types of pessimism. Get an expansive Amethyst cryystal bunch for your home or office to shield yourself from antagonistic energies around you. In the event that uneasiness causes shortness of breath, put the bunch on or close to your mid-section and breath gradually for a couple of minutes to decrease the side effects. Consider a substantial, well-set amethyst gemstone ring to upgrade your own attraction and to give mental clarity. Amethyst is likewise useful for headaches, ligament torments, and interfacing with one’s deep sense of being for direction.


The “Sex Stone” – Garnet fortifies and reestablishes physical and enthusiastic vitality lost through always guaranteeing the insurance and welfare of others. When you feel somewhat lost or abandonned in the mayhem of day by day life, Garnet gives the required establishing and engaging to end up more unequivocal and focused on a heading. Garnet is surely understood for upgrading and recovering one’s sexuality (the physical perspectives). For best impacts, tape a little half-creep piece at the Hara focus – one and one-half crawls beneath the navel – and wear it overnight.


A “Gem of Tranquility”. Additionally called “the Sport Stone”, advancing spryness and quickness. Numerous men from the Far East know the advantages of wearing Jade. Some will let you know that it is for their well being, and how the shade of the Jade gets darker with great well being and lighter with declining well being. Jade calms the feelings, and gives enthusiastic separation and rebuilding after different injuries, for example, minor surgery, separation, funerals, or loss of employment. Some say it is for good fortunes. Jade is a stone which is effectively acquired in most downtown areas and can be transparently worn as a pendant.

Rose Quartz

“The Love Stone” – Rose Quartz is another Master Healing Crystal that has practical experience in transmuting enthusiastic antagonism at all levels. It improves one’s capacity to give and get love, by opening the Heart chakra and animating more noteworthy adaptability in correspondences. It relaxes a relunctant Heart, and gives peace seeing someone through agreement. Rose Quartz is utilized for reflection, as it stills one’s forceful considerations and gives mental quietness. It can mend a broken heart rapidly as well.

Smokey Quartz

The “Enthusiastic Balancer Crystal” – Smokey Quartz is an exceptionally specific precious stone for negative passionate vitality. This precious stone is brilliant for emotional episodes, forceful activities, surliness, and by and large dreadful musings. It grounds a wide range of negative vitality. This stone is useful for burnout, apprehension of disappointment, hesitance to go out on a limb, or needing revenge, and for tendancies to over-eat, smoke or drink because of anxiety. It helps you acknowledge obligation regarding yourself, and to expand your ability for successful correspondence by dissolving self-restricting discernments.

Healing Crystal Jewelry Ring for Men
Healing Crystal Jewelry Ring for Men


“The King of Crystals” – Diamond heightens and initiates one’s inner energies through its immaculateness of vibration. The better the nature of Diamond, the better one’s very own qualities and activities. At the point when unreservedly given, Diamond power gets to be initiated and can be utilized for showing wealth and expanding individual self-regard. It is a token of one’s adoration to another, and both improves and transmits the magnificence of the wearer. The Diamond is additionally known for invulnerability, speaking to the life power (prana).


“The Stress Stone” – Hematite is an adaptable metallic-like precious stone utilized for improving one’s rationale, scientific capacities, objective deduction and profundity of specialized learning. It grounds inventive vitality to make one’s considerations more handy and centered. As an “Anxiety Stone”, Hematite reflects antagonism back to the sender, so you don’t wind up with another person’s anxiety. For spinal pain or leg spasms, use surgical tape to settle a couple pieces onto difficult regions. The precious stone’s vitality resemble a magnet and successfully attracts out agony identified with solid or joint arrangement issues. Hematite is additionally used to decrease sleep deprivation.

Lapis Lazuli

“The Stone of The Pharaohs” – Lapis Lazuli is surely understood as a most loved stone utilized as a part of the courts of the old Egyptian Kings. Lapis signifies “stone” and Lazuli signifies “blue”. This dark blue stone is utilized for animating mental quality and scholarly exactness. Lapis is a cognizance lift, raising one’s attention to new statures and to more prominent extension. It brings sentiments of accomplishment and connectedness and assurance. For instinctive individuals, Lapis heightens psychic force.


“A Man’s Stone” – The profound timberland green of Malachite is typical of the profound recuperating and purging this stone gives. It can help in separating old examples, whether enthusiastic (stuck examples of conduct) or physical (tumors, swollen joints, strong). Malachite advances business connections and the expansion of riches by evacuating snags to one’s development. The most vital part of this current precious stone’s recuperating capacity, be that as it may, is for the preventive strength of the physical heart and liver. In the event that you are pulled in to this gem, odds are you have a family history of heart-related issues and most likely need a heart registration.

Moonstone (Adularia)

“The Feminine Balancing Crystal”. To mollify and adjust overwhelming male traits with some female qualities, Moonstone accommodates a profundity of recognition and emotions, acumen, imagination and self-expression. Different properties of Moonstone – builds mindfulness and center, discharges one’s instinct, has reviving qualities for the skin and hair (hairlessness?), diminishes water maintenance, and gives insurance to explorers. Moonstones build their forces before and amid the full moon, so forget them during the evening to douse up the moon’s beams.

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